Cashmere kitchens – an overview of interesting concepts

Cashmere is undoubtedly one of the most frequently chosen colors among modern customers. Lots of shades and delicate colors make cashmere kitchens a real hit. Of course, this color has a lot of competition, but it definitely holds up very well. We can easily combine it with any shades of white or wood. So let’s take a closer look at interesting arrangements and find something for yourself!

cashmere kitchens
Cashmere kitchens are becoming more and more popular and you are happy to choose this color for your four walls. Wooden and white accessories match the cashmere cabinets perfectly. If we put everything together wisely, we can get a small masterpiece.
cashmere kitchens
The cashmere kitchen looks really beautiful and impressive. It is worth considering this type of choice when planning your furniture.

Which room should cashmere kitchen furniture be used for?

One of the dilemmas that arise at the planning stage is the question: does such furniture fit my room at all? The answer is simple: YES, but of course under certain conditions. Cashmere-colored furniture is suitable for all types of rooms, larger and smaller, kitchen and living room, shop or office. However, it is worth remembering that if we already have some furniture or accessories, we need to put everything together carefully. Of course, there is no accounting for taste and everyone may like something different.

cashmere kitchen furniture
Cashmere-colored kitchen furniture can easily be used in both larger and smaller, as well as open and closed rooms.

Cashmere kitchens – what to combine them with?

There are a lot of ideas for combining cashmere color. We can especially think about wooden, cream and white accessories. Each additional element will give the kitchen a unique character. As we all know, every non-obvious element catches the eye and adds something magical to our furniture. So why not try it and be a little crazy?

the side of the refrigerator finished with wooden slats and a mirror
Wooden and white accessories match the cashmere cabinets perfectly. If we put everything together wisely, we can get a small masterpiece 🙂
cashmere kitchen with wooden floor
Beautiful grooved fronts in a cashmere kitchen. These types of additions may turn out to be a hit.

Which countertop should be used in cashmere kitchen furniture?

For cashmere kitchens, we can successfully use stone, quartz or traditional laminated countertops. If you don’t know what the characteristics of individual countertops are, please read Types of kitchen countertops – which one to choose? Material comparison. Once we have selected the material, we can start choosing its colors. There is also a big dilemma here, because the number of patterns is really huge! A white countertop (smooth or streaked) will make our kitchen a real elegant lady that will attract the attention of guests. A wood-decorated countertop will add a bit of warmth to our kitchen and make it a homely and pleasant space. It all depends on our preferences and expectations.

cashmere kitchens with wooden countertops
Cashmere kitchen with a dark wooden countertop and an interesting mosaic on the wall.
cashmere kitchen with wooden countertop
Wood also looks great with the presented shade. It adds warmth and delicacy to our kitchen.

Cashmere kitchens – designs and visualizations

Below are some interesting designs and visualizations of cashmere kitchens.

cashmere kitchens
Cashmere kitchen with K003 wood and contrasting black plinths.
cashmere kitchen with lamellas and a peninsula
Wooden floor in a cashmere kitchen with lamellas and a peninsula. The entire development is an elegant and well-thought-out concept.

Cashmere kitchens – summary

As we can see, cashmere furniture is a really interesting option and worth considering. They are a very good alternative to white, black or two-color kitchens. Let’s also remember that the kitchen should first and foremost please us, not anyone else. Good luck with your choice!

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