Fashionable kitchens 2024 – inspirations

Both in the clothing and carpentry industries, fashion is constantly changing. We, as consumers, quickly follow new trends and look for ideas for even fashionable kitchens. The naturalness that surrounds attractive buildings is hidden in simple solutions. It mainly refers to combining two, maybe three colors, and avoids unnecessary decorations. So, realizing how helpful and inspiring a list of real arrangements would be, the idea of ​​creating this helpful and inspiring article was born. Here you will find real kitchen designs and thus a collection of the latest kitchen trends.

Fashionable kitchens
Fashionable kitchens undoubtedly feature thin countertops and channel-shaped strip handles.
Fashionable kitchens
To make the whole thing look iconic, let’s think about original accessories – perhaps open shelves with a wooden decor will be a good idea.
fashionable kitchens - inspirations
A fashionable kitchen means original colors and unconventional design.
fashionable kitchen furniture
Lamellas have become a real motif proving the modernity of kitchen furniture.
fashionable thin countertop in the kitchen
Currently, thin countertops that can be used in kitchen furniture have become very fashionable.
fashionable black kitchen with display cabinet and backlight
Fashionable does not mean big! Example above.

Fashionable kitchens 2024 – functionality and simplicity

Functionality and simple solutions are definitely the domain of kitchens currently chosen by customers. So what can be understood by 'functionality’? First of all, plenty of space to store our supplies and products. Furniture in the kitchen from the floor to the ceiling will be perfect for this purpose. We undoubtedly use a lot of free space to fulfill a specific and practical function.

fashionable kitchen with ceiling-mounted cabinets
A fashionable kitchen is also a practical kitchen. Upper cabinets right up to the ceiling will undoubtedly prove to be a hit.

Building up to the ceiling does not have to be boring and uniform. Undoubtedly, the display cases will prove to be a wonderful form of decoration. Glazed in modern kitchens illuminate the entire furniture, making the kitchen look larger and more spacious – this is what current fashionable kitchens are like. It is worth placing beautiful kitchenware with sentimental meaning in such sumptuous display cabinets.

fashionable kitchen with golden accessories
Gold accessories in a green and white kitchen are impressive!

The simplicity of today’s kitchens can take many forms. The handleless system and smooth furniture fronts are one of the domains of modern kitchen furniture. This solution makes the cabinets create a uniform surface that may give the impression of a monolith. Undoubtedly, a fashionable kitchen is a kitchen that is supposed to surprise us.

fashionable kitchen furniture with two depths of hanging cabinets
Fashionable white kitchen with wooden elements and black household appliances.

Fashionable kitchen furniture is undoubtedly about colors – we focus on bolder decors

Currently, there is a predominance of white and gray kitchens, which are a highly respected choice for the modern customer. However, when we look at the proposals below, we will notice more than we expect. Each of the cuisines below shows its strength and courage. More and more often we choose bottle green, navy blue, cobalt, turquoise, green, gold or copper. So how can you turn an ordinary and traditional kitchen into an original and eye-catching kitchen? Mix colors, individual details and decorations. Just incorporating a distinctive element into the traditional kitchen design will do a great job. Let’s not be afraid to get creative!

pastel green kitchen with gold handles
Pastel green combined with white and gold. It cannot be denied that the whole thing is impressive.
fashionable navy blue kitchen
For a change, the very popular and eagerly used navy blue combined with wood and white.
fashionable kitchen on one wall
We can enliven the standard gray varnish by using a wooden decor on a single element.
the most fashionable kitchen furniture
Undoubtedly, an interesting effect can be achieved by appropriately painting the kitchen walls.
navy blue fashionable kitchen with wood
Navy blue has recently become a very desirable color and can easily be combined with wood, black or white.

Fashionable kitchens with display cabinets in 2021

Fashionable kitchens are those that have all types of display cabinets. We seem to be returning to old trends, but why are we returning? Undoubtedly, the display case breaks up the often monotonous furniture design. It also allows us to display beautiful and noteworthy dishes or glassware. First of all, a fashionable kitchen with a showcase makes the room unique and unique. It is worth noting that we have a lot of scope when arranging display cases. We can choose their shape, color and type of glazing. It is also worth mentioning that they can be illuminated.

aluminum gold display cabinet in the kitchen
If we want to introduce a unique and original atmosphere to our kitchen furniture, we suggest incorporating a display cabinet.
fashionable illuminated display cabinet in the kitchen
For people who like to display alcohol or interesting accessories, we recommend using a display case, but make sure it is illuminated!
black display cabinet with fashionable kitchen furniture
The black aluminum display cabinet in the kitchen counter serves two functions: aesthetic and practical, because it separates the kitchen from the living room.

Two levels of hanging cabinets in fashionable kitchens

Two levels of hanging cabinets are a recently used solution for building right up to the ceiling. That is why the most frequently used uniform ceiling-mounted construction has been given a new life and is now very popular. It cannot be denied that by specifying two levels of hanging cabinets it is more interesting, energetic and cheerful. Fashionable kitchens combine two or three colors and thus distinguish each level of the cabinets. The photos below will convey what is difficult to convey in words.

fashionable kitchens have two-deep upper cabinets
Two depths of hanging cabinets are a great way to highlight the upper part of the furniture.
kitchen cabinets in two depths
Deeper upper cabinets also provide more space for storing products.
two-level hanging cabinets in the kitchen
When choosing two levels of hanging cabinets, let’s dare to play with colors. Each concept of this type will bring an amazing atmosphere to the kitchen! In small annexes, this type of additions are most desirable.
fashionable dark kitchens
When deciding to use two-deep hanging cabinets, do not forget to illuminate them. We can also consider lighting the lower part of the kitchen, i.e. the plinth.

Fashionable kitchens with slats 2021

Fashionable slats can be used literally in every room. Their excellent design makes them an original decoration not only in kitchens, but also in living rooms and bedrooms. We can also successfully use them as a wall decorative addition. Fashionable kitchens with lamellas deserve a moment of attention – photos below:

fashionable kitchens with slats
Finishing the table with lamellas definitely improves the image of the entire kitchen.
fashionable kitchen with slats
Instead of a classic simple top, we can use vertical slats. Definitely a plus!
fashionable slats in the kitchen
Paint, wallpaper or maybe slats as a wall finish? These are an excellent form of decoration.

Fashionable kitchens – inspirations

fashionable cashmere kitchen with parquet flooring
Parquet looks great on the floor in a cashmere kitchen.
fashionable thin countertop in the kitchen
A thin kitchen countertop with characteristic patterns looks beautiful against the background of wooden cabinets.
fashionable kitchen with lamellas on the wall and ceiling
When you have no idea how to design the ceiling, you can think about lamellas. These, as usual, save the day!
fashionable kitchen furniture with a display cabinet and an island
An interesting idea for a kitchen island with a bookshelf on the living room side.
fashionable kitchens inspirations
White wooden kitchen with an island and designer stools.
fashionable kitchens - inspirations
Strip handles are undoubtedly the domain of fashionable kitchen furniture.

Fashionable kitchens in designs and visualizations

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our projects and visualizations.

fashionable white and wooden kitchen furniture, designs for carpenters
Modern white kitchen design for Rzeszów.
grooved fronts in a fashionable cashmere kitchen
Cashmere kitchen design with a Calacatta countertop by Michelangelo Kraków.
edge handles in kitchen furniture
Cashmere kitchen with white countertop and ceiling.
white glossy kitchen with K003 countertop, projects for carpenters
Modern white kitchen with a bay window and a wooden countertop.

Fashionable kitchens – summary

As we can see, there are plenty of ideas for designing and making fashionable kitchen furniture. However, each time and each year is different. One thing will be fashionable one thing, and the next year something completely different. However, we try to stay up to date with all the news and present them to you so that you can make the right choice. However, let’s remember to keep a healthy moderation in all this and not to overcomplicate…

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