Modern kitchens ideas – the most beautiful arrangements

Modern kitchens – what are they? The answer seems simple – practical, with modern and exclusive accessories, visually attractive and eye-catching. In recent years, white, gray, black and wood have dominated. Black kitchen furniture is associated with an original interior design, full of luxury and uniqueness. A wooden kitchen as a classic is perceived as traditional and at the same time completely natural. White kitchens mean harmony and timelessness. We have devoted a separate topic to each of these colors and we encourage you to explore it further. The inspirations presented in this article are the bestsellers of recent months. They are full of modernity, luxury and at the same time aesthetic and functional form. We encourage you to check out our offers!

modern kitchens
Modern kitchens can come in various colors – white, black, gray or cashmere. Above is an example of the latter option.
modern kitchen in wood and black decor
A large kitchen with many interesting elements – a display case, a peninsula and a suspended sink.
modern kitchen with illuminated plinth
An illuminated plinth in kitchen furniture is undoubtedly a fashionable and designer element.
modern kitchens with stone countertops and golden cabinets
Let’s pay attention to the color of the upper cabinets and the handles in the lower cabinets. These two elements undoubtedly stand out in the presented modern arrangement.

Modern kitchen with an island

Large open spaces are the perfect place for fashionable kitchens – especially those with an island. The arrangement of such surfaces absorbs the designers’ imagination and allows them to spread their wings. This is how such innovative and modern kitchens with an island were created. Tastefully selected colors and shapes, as well as rich furnishings emanating mystery are only the first impression. To fully discover their secret, you need to get closer and check the inside. These often contain interesting and original accessories.

modern kitchen with an island and two-deep upper cabinets
An interesting modern kitchen with an illuminated island and sides going down to the ground.

Modern small kitchen

Because who said that modern has to be big? Of course no one. It is generally obvious that a modern small kitchen is, above all, skillfully selected colors. The availability of varnishes, furniture boards, laminates and worktops allows you to design a truly small masterpiece. We can think about a single-color kitchen or a combination of several decors. Whatever you prefer. Let us remember, however, that a modern kitchen is not only about colors, but also about practicality. We don’t care about being a visual world champion when, from a practical point of view, it’s a complete failure.

small modern kitchen with a sloping wall
A small modern kitchen with diagonal walls on the right side.

Modern custom-made kitchen

Without a doubt, the advantage of custom-made furniture is the ability to adapt it to a given user. We will not have this comfort when purchasing ready-made, system furniture. Modern custom-made kitchens allow us to use the highest quality materials and accessories. Solid guides, hinges, lifts and baskets are standard. Let’s remember that when choosing, it is worth following the opinions of people who know this. Custom-made furniture also means that the whole piece is tailored to a specific room. There are no holes between the furniture and the wall or ceiling. The whole thing should be finished with aesthetic blends.

modern, custom-made kitchen with ceiling height and peninsula
Custom-made kitchen furniture in a modern style with wooden walls.

What colors to use in a modern kitchen?

As they say, there is no accounting for taste. We are supporters of this saying and we will refrain from making specific declarations of what to do and what not to do. However, thanks to our knowledge of the market, we can suggest some proposals that are currently liked by customers. So what colors should you choose for a modern kitchen?

  • undoubtedly white gloss/matte – the classic is still very strong. We can easily combine a white kitchen with shades of gray, black or wood
  • black elegance – if white appears, black will be its natural complement. Although more difficult to maintain, it is currently very desirable
  • gray – a group of customers who are not convinced about white and black choose one of the shades of gray as a substitute
  • marble and its substitutes – real stone or its substitutes are rising every month. Despite the significant price difference, many customers choose this type of finish. No wonder, much higher quality goes hand in hand with the price….
modern kitchen with a black countertop and island
Black and wood are definitely one of the most interesting color combinations.

Modern kitchen furniture – what accessories to use?

To give the room the desired look, we should think about original accessories. In our opinion, one of the best things may be:

  • interesting lamps – properly selected, they will fit in above an island, peninsula or table
  • chairs and table – a huge number of designs will allow us to create a corner for a quick breakfast. And coffee, of course
  • kitchen handles – if we choose furniture with handles
  • small household appliances – manufacturers design fantastic designs of their products. It’s definitely worth looking for interesting forms here
  • tiles on the wall and floor – they can significantly change the perception of the entire kitchen
  • flowers – yes, we must not forget about them. They look wonderful next to the window!

As we can see, modern kitchen furniture willingly accepts all kinds of accessories. If we put everything together, we will get an eye-pleasing composition. That’s exactly what we want!

modern gray kitchen with wood
Interesting kitchen accessories will make it even more interesting and eye-catching!

Modern kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen furniture should make your heart work faster at the first glance. There is no room for half-measures here. The layout, colors and general functionality – all this taken together proves the modernity of the entire building. The availability of accessories and materials will undoubtedly allow you to design your kitchen 100% to your individual needs and preferences.

modern kitchen design with a thin stone countertop
A thin kitchen countertop made of stone is undoubtedly one of the domains of modern kitchen furniture.

Modern white kitchen with wooden countertop

White kitchens come in various colors and layouts. Most often, however, we encounter this type of construction with two types of countertops: wooden and stone-like. So let’s see some interesting examples.

modern white kitchen with wooden countertop and black handles
One of the most common combinations is white and wood.

Modern kitchens with a corner window

In the current trends of builders, it has become very fashionable to build houses with glazed windows. Modern kitchens with a corner window have become one of the most popular. This type of construction means a lot of additional exposure… and window cleaning 🙂 For the 'wow’ effect, it’s probably worth it.

modern kitchens with corner window and black sink
Let’s pay attention to the handles installed in the presented arrangement. There are plenty of them and we will definitely choose the best ones for ourselves.

Modern kitchens – gallery

Each year brings new solutions and trends. Fashion is constantly changing and we walk side by side with it. Modern kitchens of the future will certainly consist of very high-quality products. In addition, everyone would like to have something different and unique at home. So, we believe that in addition to materials, the visual aspect, including unconventional accessories, will also be very important. Below are some of our projects that we were happy to make for you!

cashmere kitchen design with lamellas and wooden countertop
Cashmere kitchen with wood K003.
design of a modern white kitchen with a white countertop
White kitchen with a lowered window and a white countertop.

Modern kitchens – design and challenges

Designing modern kitchen furniture is quite a challenge. This is due to interesting rooms, open spaces and large and high windows. Modern concepts look great, but they increase the level of difficulty for architects and designers. During the design process itself, you need to use common sense so as not to overdo it. You can’t have everything and sometimes you have to make a decision – something at the expense of something else. But that’s what design and visualization are for – let’s think, decide and be sure of our choice!

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