White kitchens with wood – inspirations

We all know that a white kitchen can be designed in dozens of ways. However, white kitchens with wood are still among the most frequently chosen ones. Why is it like that? Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors is the fact that this type of combination warms up the room and gives it a homely character. It is also impossible to ignore the fact that the wide availability of wooden decors allows you to create an individual kitchen exactly to your taste. So let’s take a look at the most interesting proposals.

white kitchens with wood
Classic white kitchen with wood on the countertop and wall.
white kitchens with wood
The black top goes perfectly with white fronts and all shades of wood.
white kitchens with wood - inspirations
White kitchen arrangement with wood and black elements.

White kitchens with wooden countertops

Without a doubt, using wood as a material for a kitchen countertop will be a very good idea. These types of arrangements go perfectly with white doors. People who feel comfortable in darker rooms will choose darker decors. There are warmer patterns for those who like lighter shades. Let us also remember that, in addition to the worktop, wood can also be used for furniture parts or other finishing elements. Each of these additions will add something different and unique to our four walls.

wooden countertop in a white kitchen
Kitchen furniture with wooden countertops and wall finishes has undoubtedly become very popular among people looking for cool solutions.
white kitchens with wooden countertops
White kitchen design with a wooden countertop and elegant slats.
white kitchen with wooden countertop
Combining white with wood is a really good idea. The whole thing can be enlivened with an original addition, e.g. a stone.
white kitchens with wooden countertops
Remember to install a socket in your kitchen. This will undoubtedly be useful to us.

White kitchens with wood between the cabinets

One of the most common dilemmas that arise at the kitchen design stage is the finishing of the wall between the countertop and the upper cabinets. Using wood-like material for this purpose may be a really good idea. Wooden wall finishing, apart from its obvious aesthetic values, will prove to be an effective material for keeping clean. Wipe the dirt with a wet cloth and there should be no trace left. Well-composed cabinets and the discussed furniture can undoubtedly create a 'wow’ effect.

white kitchen with wood between the cabinets
Wood-like laminate between the countertop and hanging cabinets.
white kitchen with wood between the cabinets
Wall construction in the form of wood, illuminated from above with an LED strip.
laminate on the wall in a white kitchen
Eternal oak as a wall covering in a white and gray kitchen.
wooden wall construction in kitchen furniture
Combining kitchen furniture with the living room and maintaining one color form. A wooden wall combined with a wooden open shelf looks amazing!

What floor should you choose in a white kitchen with a wooden countertop?

The above question is quite general, because virtually any type of floor will work in this type of construction. If you are a fan of light floors, they will probably go perfectly with the white decor of your kitchen cabinets. People who like wood on the floor will choose wood-like tiles or panels that match the color of the kitchen countertop. Going with more modern concepts, we can use a material imitating concrete on the floor.

bright tiles on the floor in a white wooden kitchen
What floor should you choose in a white kitchen with an oak countertop? Maybe light tiles…?
black tiles in a white wooden kitchen
Black glossy tiles on the floor elegantly match white kitchen cabinets.

White modern kitchens with a wooden counter

It is worth enriching kitchen furniture with modern additions and accessories. Thanks to this, the room will take on a completely different and unique character. Currently, gold elements are very much in fashion, such as handles, aluminum frames and sink taps. Thanks to the use of this type of accessories, our kitchen will change from beautiful to modern. Of course, there was a wooden decor missing, which is worth placing on the kitchen counter or in the display cabinets.

white modern kitchens
Modern white kitchen with wood and gold accessories.
wooden slats in a white kitchen with a counter
A wooden counter with slats separating the living room from the kitchen.

White kitchens with black countertops and wood

Black and white are two extremes, but two extremes that, when combined, create a great effect. If we weave an interesting wood decor into all this, we can undoubtedly achieve an above-average result. As we have written many times, it is all the accessories and decorations that do most of the work!

white kitchen with Lancelot Oak wood and a black countertop
Lancelot oak is one of the most frequently chosen wood-imitating decors.
black countertop in a white kitchen
The glossy black top with elements imitating glitter goes perfectly with the black handles.
white kitchens with black countertops
We can use glossy or matte black laminate as a countertop. Both look very nice – but they also have their drawbacks!

Classic white kitchens with wooden accessories

Kitchen furniture is not only about modern shapes. Sometimes there are people who would like to feel a bit of classic beauty in their interior. So what will be the basic feature of classical cuisine? Of course, there is only one answer – the design of furniture fronts. Of course, we can supplement it with interesting accessories in the form of handles or finishing strips.

classic white kitchen with wooden accessories
Classic-style kitchens are a complete departure from modern furniture. However, it cannot be denied that this type of kitchen furniture can also delight.
classic white kitchen furniture with wood
Grooved furniture fronts in the form of a stiletto are definitely the most frequently chosen by customers who choose classic-style furniture.

White and gold kitchen with wooden accessories

The color gold appears more and more often in modern kitchens. It can be the basis of the entire concept, but it will undoubtedly also work great as an addition. The golden shade will look very nice on handles, aluminum frames and also on cabinet fronts. However, remember that this decor should be used carefully and carefully. Its excess can oversaturate and spoil the entire concept. Therefore, it is worth enlisting the help of a specialist who will help you choose the right proportions and furniture elements.

white kitchen with gold accessories
Gold accessories look great with white and wood. Just a few elements are enough and the whole thing will take on incredible colors!
white and gold kitchen with wooden elements
Gold accessories do not necessarily have to be very expensive. A wide selection of boards and furniture accessories allows you to create a relatively cheaper, but very nice arrangement.
white kitchen with gold handles
The kitchen design with golden strip handles looks phenomenal and undoubtedly attracts the attention of many enthusiasts of interesting interiors.

White kitchen with wood

kitchen design Krakow, white kitchen with wood on the countertop
Modern white kitchen design for Rzeszów.
white kitchen with wood
White kitchen with wood and white lacobel between the cabinets. The customer will be able to open it with black, edged handles adapted to the length of the fronts.
white kitchen with wood
One of the most frequently chosen wood-like furniture boards is undoubtedly Stone Oak. Its very nice shade contrasts perfectly with white fronts. An example would be a small kitchen with windows and short black handles.

White kitchen furniture with wood

white kitchen furniture with wood
Sometimes it happens that there is a rather non-obvious element in the whole concept – that was also the case here. In this case, white kitchen furniture with wood means not so much cabinets, but the external development of the peninsula made of vertical wooden panels. More photos of the above arrangement can be seen in the article 'Modern large white glossy kitchen furniture’.
white kitchen furniture with wood
The above classic white and wooden kitchen is an interesting concept of traditional construction with black handles. An interesting element is undoubtedly the open wine shelves on the right side.

White modern kitchen

white modern kitchen
What characterizes fashionable kitchens? First of all, interesting accessories, neat shapes and ergonomic solutions inside the cabinets. A white modern kitchen will attract attention at first glance and, more importantly, focus on it for a long time. The modern style kitchen in G is certainly a great example of this.

White wooden kitchen – inspirations

Of course, there are many more possibilities for various configurations. Before making a decision, it is worth looking for original inspirations to find the right one. Below are some of what we consider to be more interesting proposals for white wooden kitchen furniture.

white and gray kitchen with a wooden countertop and wall structures
It is worth remembering to adequately illuminate the worktop.
white kitchen furniture with wood
Modern white kitchens look great combined with black elements. How about a black display cabinet with an aluminum frame?
white kitchens with wood - inspirations
White glossy lacquered kitchen with wooden elements and black handles.
white and wooden kitchen
Let’s pay attention to the handles in the presented furniture. Varnished base cabinets with milled handles. Wooden upper fronts without handles – extended doors.
modern white kitchen with wooden countertop
The most interesting inspirations, i.e. white kitchens with wood.
white kitchen with white countertop
White wooden kitchen with a white countertop.
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